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I’m Lee Hayward. Online muscle building coach and mentor who’s helped thousands of guys from all over the world transform their body and lives using non-gimmicky, no-hype methods that produce real results in record time…

I started working out back in 1990, I entered my first bodybuilding competition in 1995, and then launched my first bodybuilding & fitness website in 1997… So you could say I have a few notches under my belt…

Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I competed in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation with 15 trophies to my name. Competing in Bodybuilding and coaching up and coming bodybuilders was my passion in life.

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However, after my 40th birthday I’ve found a new mission – to help men over the age of 40 to reclaim their strength, physique, and manhood.

Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes….

You see… Like most young guys I never thought age would slow me down.

Yet after I “retired” from competitive bodybuilding and approached the big 4-0… I realized just how cruel aging can be

After I stopped competing in bodybuilding and became a father I never had the time (or the motivation) to spend endless hours in the gym. And I was sick of eating boiled chicken and rice out of Tupperware.

And it didn’t take long for it to show…

It got to the point where I didn’t even recognize the man looking back at me in the mirror. I was disgusted and embarrassed with how fat and out of shape I became…

Here I was a so called “fitness expert” with a 40+ inch waistline and a belly that stuck out further than my chest…

Because of this I had to come up with a realistic and sustainable system of eating and exercising that didn’t involve spending endless hours in the gym, nor following extreme low calorie starvation diet plans.

I call it my Muscle After 40 Blueprint and it’s a program designed to help you escape the yo-yo dieting trap and master your metabolism. We focus on doing all the little things that pull the big levers and make a massive difference in your health, fitness, and energy without taking up a lot of time in the process.

Today I’m a rock-solid 190 pounds and at my height of 5’6, that’s a bodyweight that I’m comfortable with and can maintain without going to extremes (Note: I only go to the gym 3 days per week and I still eat big satisfying meals). I’m happy with the body I have now because it’s big enough that I can fill out a Large T-shirt with lean muscle and look athletic. But not so big that I feel heavy or sluggish.

My goal is to help you go beyond simply being “big in the gym“, to having the combination of strength, health, agility, and mobility to enjoy life to the fullest – That’s what my Muscle After 40 Blueprint is all about!

If you’d like some help with building muscle, losing that stubborn belly fat, and improving your health and fitness in the process. Just contact me and we can discuss a realistic action plan to help you lose your Dad Bod and get back in shape!

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