Training for Hypertrophy

Training parameters/work Duration of Phase 3-6 weeks Load 70-80% Number of Exercises 6-9 (Prime Movers) Number of Reps per Set 6-12 Number of Sets 4-6 (8) Rest Intervals 3-5 minutes Speed of Execution; Medium Frequency/Week 2-4 The athlete takes 70-80% load, or a load which allows him/her to perform 6 repetitions. As the athlete adapts…

Programs Keto

Ketogenic Diet

Dave Palumbo Keto diet 6 meals per day 1.5g protein/lb .75g fat/lb Less than 50g carbs per day (from indirect sources such as vegetables and nuts) 1 cheat meal per week to spike metabolic rate (enjoy a “free” meal where you eat protein, fat, and carbs) Example based for (200lbs) Macros: Protein: 300g per day…